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ePI - Curse or Blessing for Pharmaceutical Companies

Recently, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and its European medicines regulatory network have defined a standard for electronic product information (ePI) in the European Union (EU) and will require pharmaceutical companies to provide it digitally in the future. Therefore, the ePI is a further requirement on pharmaceutical companies which will lead to procedural, organizational, and IT changes – a curse? Let’s take a look.

Digital HR Management Solutions

HR Management and LMS in pharmacy and medical technology

Veeva Preferred Partner

Announcement: Inconsult the professional Veeva Preferred Partner

Revolutionizing Regulatory Documentation with AI

A Success Story from a German Biopharmaceutical Giant


Regulatory Services

For global pharmaceutical companies – IT Services for Regulatory Processes.

Quality Management

Quality 4.0 - Addressing the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry.

Clinical Operations

Introducing Inconsult: Your Partner in CTMS Validation Success.

Cost of Quality

Reducing the total cost of quality through advanced analysis of quality data and manufacturing control.

AI-Assisted Computer Systems Validation

Computers don't always work as they should. To make sure the problem is sitting just in front of the computer, IT systems in the pharma industry must undergo a process called validation. AI is poised to make the validation of computer-based systems (CSV) much more efficient.

AI-Powered Document Management System Migrations

Never change a running system. But if you ever have to, we assist you with the migration of your enterprise content management system (ECM). Learn how the use of AI can make migrations much more efficient.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and AI

Are you already using AI in combination with your document management system? Discover how to streamline your processes by incorporating AI services.

Regulatory Intelligence

Drug safety serves everyone's health. Learn how artificial intelligence can help improve compliance with regulatory requirements in drug manufacturing.

AI in pharma and life sciences

Are you interested in the latest developments related to AI and wondering what implications are in store for pharma and life sciences?