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Holistic Support

In our "Process & Power" business area, we support operators, general planners and component manufacturers in the chemical, oil & gas, power generation and distribution sectors. We are active in the engineering and contracting phases as well as in asset management.

Engineering & Contracting

During the planning, construction and erection phases of large-scale industrial plants, a large volume of documents and data is generated. Starting with investment and approval planning, through basic engineering to detailed and execution planning. Inconsult supports you with customized project and document management systems. Smooth cooperation and seamless document and information exchange between all project participants also play a decisive role. This is ensured by our contractor connections.

Asset Management

While the planning and construction phase of large-scale plants is completed within a few years, the operation of these investments extends over a period of decades. The handover of the documentation from the general planner to the operator marks the beginning of a long-term process of operational documentation. Here, the maintenance and updating of the process engineering documents and the hazard prevention and regulatory documents play an important role. After all, the industrial plant should produce safely and effectively for decades.



Inconsult develops asset management solutions based on international standard software and adapts them to customer-specific requirements. In doing so, we take over the transfer of data and documents from the project-accompanying IT system of the engineering & contracting phase. This can be done either by a classical migration or by integrating the systems. This procedure guarantees a reliable data basis and a high level of investment security.

Integration of document management systems

Processes essential for plant operation are often triggered and tracked in ERP systems such as SAP. Continuous and redundancy-free access to asset documentation is essential to realize efficient maintenance processes. We integrate document management systems with SAP asset management, whereby documentation is created and managed down to the functional location level - bi-directionally.

Many years of industry knowledge

Inconsult accompanies its customers as an IT consultant in the planning, construction and operation of large-scale plants. We work at the information technology interface between project implementation and plant operation, thus creating the basis for efficient information management. In doing so, we have many years of experience in the introduction and support of IT systems in the context of major international projects.