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Structured Content Management

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As a subset of Enterprise Content Management, content in a Structured Component Management solution (SCM) is managed at a granular level (component) rather than at the document level. Each component represents a single paragraph, a section, a figure or a table. This can be additionally enriched with attributes for further automated processing.

With Structured Content Management, content can be reused across documents instead of having to be created from scratch. In addition, relationships between components enable change management (notifications, monitoring, and tracking) across document boundaries.

The cross-media publishing feature allows content to be published as PDF, Word, website, or structured data to downstream systems. In addition, a structured content management system provides the ability to maintain and hold industry-specific data, such as IDMP. Through the management of components, further automations such as text generation and translations are also possible.

Structured Content Management

Your added value - Our experience

For more than 10 years Inconsult has been supporting Structured Content Management projects for its customers. With the SCM Framework, Inconsult offers customized services throughout the entire project lifecycle. In addition to technical knowledge, our consultants also have the necessary process know-how.

Business Challenges

In the usual creation of documents, the manual compilation of content via copy/paste is in the foreground. This process is error-prone and time-consuming. By using Structured Content, the individual components can be found and reused more easily. This prevents siloing of data within an organization and enables traceability of changes at the component level.

This enables efficient processes that reduce the time and cost of content creation.

Content Transformation

The transfer of monolithic documents to SCM systems poses additional requirements because the documents have to be broken down into their components. A manual transformation would involve a great deal of effort. For this purpose, we develop customized content transformation tools that automatically integrate your documents into the new target system. In the process, the documents can be automatically linked to each other at the building block level in the target system. Inconsult uses artificial intelligence to recognize similarities in texts and metadata.


In addition, SCM also promotes consistent and high-quality content and data in documents across the enterprise. For this reason, SCM is also increasingly becoming the focus of authorities in highly regulated industries. For the pharmaceutical sector, we expect the use of structured content to become mandatory in the next few years.

Your advantage

Greater consistency and accuracy, trackability, review of impact of changes to reused content, improved collaboration and automation with workflows, easier maintenance of links and content, improved modularity, reduced translation costs.

Leading Providers

Technology Partners

Author-It Docuvera

Docuvera is an SCM system developed specifically for the life science industry. The use of Author-It Docuvera increases efficiency in creation, testing and revision processes.

For drugs subject to regulatory approval, regulatory information must be managed throughout the lifecycle and updated with associated product information. Maintaining this information is a complex challenge in global commercialization, as key product information is often duplicated in countless documents. Additionally, as information changes and grows over time, manual business processes and technologies increase the risk of errors and delays in completing critical documentation.

Docuvera helps you increase efficiency in all phases of pharmaceutical documentation.

As a partner of Author-It, we have already implemented a large number of projects together. We would be happy to support you in the implementation and operation of your Docuvera system.


Quanos SCHEMA ST4 represents another solution. SCHEMA ST4 is an editing system for modularized document creation in technical documentation and other editorial environments. It is also one of the most widely used software solutions of its kind.

As a certified Quanos partner, our consultants support you in the planning, implementation, and rollout of your SCHEMA ST4 solution.