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Application Lifecycle Management

We support you in keeping your systems under control

From Conceptual Design to Decommissioning

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) describes the holistic approach to managing a software application over its entire lifecycle. The focus is on the efficient coordination of processes required for the development, deployment, maintenance and updating of an application.

Efficient Planning and Conception

The basis is the systematic definition of requirements for the software application. Together with you, we work out detailed requirements and develop a customized concept for your application. In doing so, we place great emphasis on a comprehensive needs analysis to ensure that your requirements are fully captured.

Software Development and Implementation

Our experienced developers turn the created concept into reality or support your development teams in doing so - according to your needs. We use modern technologies and proven methods to develop high-quality software solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Especially in the regulated environment, validation of the developed application is essential. We support you in the development of your test strategy, test creation and execution, bug tracking and reporting. To avoid unnecessary efforts, we always follow a risk-based approach with critical thinking.

Change Management and Updates

Every software application must adapt to changing requirements and technologies. New features and updates are planned and integrated into the lifecycle. Inconsult brings many years of experience and is happy to support you in updating system documentation, identifying necessary regression tests and coordinating change processes.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Our experts support you in the introduction of modern CI/CD methods. Our focus is the seamless integration of new features and updates into your application with efficient and fast delivery of software changes.

End-of-life and Decommissioning

When the application reaches the end of its service life or is no longer needed, an orderly shutdown and disposal takes place. We are happy to support you from the planning stage, including the identification of data that must be retained, to the completion of the decommissioning process.

Your advantage

We are your reliable partner in the area of Application Lifecycle Management. With many years of experience and a highly qualified team of experts, we specialize in accompanying and supporting your applications from conception to ongoing optimization. We stand out not only because of our in-depth technical expertise, but also because of our customer-centric approach. We work closely with our customers, listening to their needs and providing customized solutions that move the business forward.

Modern Approaches

For the fast-moving nature of applications and increasingly agile projects, the classic, document-centric approach to adequately describe and validate an application is often limiting. The effort required to maintain system documentation increases when release cycles become shorter, resulting in the risk of quality loss of the system documentation. Modern ALM tools can be used to implement a data-driven approach that supports both classic waterfall and agile development methods such as Scrum or Kanban. This enables:

  • Management of backlogs, sprint planning and task tracking
  • Use of modern project management methods
  • Data-driven, accurate analysis of project status including visualization in dashboards
  • Full traceability
  • Facilitated structuring of requirements
  • Acceleration of test runs through tool support
  • Simplified and faster test result reviews
  • Integration of automated testing
  • Integration of versioning tools