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We master the technological change with you

New technologies are coming onto the market at ever shorter intervals. Technological change is accelerated as a result, and for companies the rapid adoption of these technologies is often essential for survival.

Companies in highly regulated industries therefore need an innovative concept for setting up and operating their IT systems. On the one hand, this concept must be flexible in order to adapt quickly to new challenges. On the other hand, it needs a certain consistency in order to meet the requirements of the regulators.

With us to the competitive advantage

Our consultants help you design resilient technology architectures. With efficient and flexible cloud and data solutions, business value is created to give you the competitive edge you need.

Cloud Strategy

Cloud-based IT solutions offer many benefits - from faster access to infrastructure to shorter time-to-market and business continuity. Thus, cloud strategies are now an integral part of a company's overall IT or sourcing strategy.

Inconsult supports you on the way to your cloud strategy. In doing so, we assess the current state and the target state, define any gaps that arise and work with you to develop technical and business initiatives that will enable you to close these gaps.

Business Process Optimization

Business processes are often not operated as efficiently as management would like. This is often due to limitations or IT systems that are too complex. Inconsult analyzes your processes and systems and determines potentials for optimization. We benchmark your processes against industry standards and show you possible efficiency improvements.

Change management plays an essential role in successful process optimization. Only when the affected stakeholders also recognize and appreciate their personal added value in process optimization will the optimization actually be effective. Our consultants show how changes can be effectively implemented in the organization so that new technologies and processes provide the real added value.

Business Case Analysis

New technologies are not introduced in companies for their own sake. An objective financial evaluation taking into account all internal and external costs is essential to achieve a real and not just assumed competitive advantage.

Based on our many years of industry experience and with the help of established evaluation tools and procedures, Inconsult determines the actual added value of new technologies in your company context.

Technology Evaluation

Companies are often faced with the question of which technology and which system to choose. Software manufacturers often offer similar systems for certain processes. Here, it is often difficult to recognize which solution is the right one for the desired use case and the respective IT strategy.

As part of an RFI/RFP process, Inconsult evaluates the various solutions based on your individual requirements and taking the risks into account. Your decision is thus based on a well-founded recommendation.

Your advantage

As experts, our consultants are able to support you along the entire value creation process. This reduces complexity and increases agility at the same time. In doing so, we support you in understanding digital transformation as an opportunity for sustainable change management. We help you identify and implement incremental and disruptive innovations at the interface between business processes and IT functions. Consolidation of the process and IT landscape to reduce interfaces and maintenance effort and to increase operational excellence enables the release of financial resources.