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Organizational Change Management

Simplify, accelerate, and consolidate digital transformation

The pharmaceutical industry is facing major challenges: Digitalization is changing customer requirements, regulation is becoming increasingly complex, and competition is intensifying - to survive in this dynamic environment, pharmaceutical companies must constantly adapt and innovate.

How can pharmaceutical companies successfully shape digital transformation? How can they inspire and empower their employees, managers, and stakeholders to embrace change?

This is where OCM comes into play as a service. OCM stands for Organizational Change Management and involves the systematic planning, management, and support of change processes within organizations. OCM services help you to accelerate, simplify and consolidate your digital transformation and optimally adapt your strategies, processes, systems, and culture to the changing requirements.

Our Service for the pharma industry

Inconsult has many years of experience in the implementation of systems such as Laboratory-Information-Management Systems (LIMS) and Document-Management Systems (DMS) and accompanies your organization through the tough change process with a team of OCM experts:


We analyze your current situation, your goals, and your stakeholders. We conduct a change impact analysis to assess the impact of the digital transformation on your entire company. We identify the affected areas, processes, stakeholders, and systems and develop a customized change strategy.

Communication and stakeholder management

We support you in developing a clear and effective communication strategy to inform all relevant stakeholders about the planned change and ensure their acceptance. We also help you to identify potential resistance to the change and develop appropriate measures to overcome it.

Training and coaching

We offer tailor-made training programs and ensure that your employees are provided with the necessary skills and knowledge.

If required, we provide your employees and executives with individual support throughout the change process. We offer professional coaching that addresses the personal challenges and potential of your coachees. We promote the motivation, commitment, and performance of your coachees.

Monitoring and controlling

We review the success of your digital transformation. We define and measure relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that reflect the progress and impact of the digital transformation.

With our OCM services, you can be sure that your digital transformation will succeed. Our experienced team of change management experts is available throughout the entire process to ensure the success of your change initiative.